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SMT Electronic Assembly Service Process

Reliability Analysis Of SMT Electronic Assembly Service Process


With the widespread application of electronic products, the reliability of electronic products has become a prominent problem. Most applications require electronic products to operate stably, reliably, and safely. In the fields of aviation, aerospace, military, communications, finance, surveillance, etc., failures and failures of electronic systems may cause huge losses.


Since electronic products are composed of electronic components, PCB circuit boards, solders, auxiliary materials, and software with complex types and different materials, the reliability of electronic products and systems is particularly complicated.


From the perspective of electronic product manufacturing, electronics manufacturing can be divided into four levels, namely, level 0 (semiconductor manufacturing) and level 1 (PCB design and PCB manufacturing, IC packaging, passive device manufacturing, process materials, and other electromechanical Component manufacturing), Level 2 (board-level assembly of electronic products), Level 3 (integrated assembly of electronic products).


Corresponding to the 4-layer classification, the reliability of electronic products can also be divided into 4 aspects. The system-level reliability of the electronic product corresponds to the whole machine assembly, and the board-level process reliability corresponds to the board-level process reliability, which is the reliability of the surface assembly process. , Corresponding to packaging, components and process materials is the reliability of components, and corresponding to semiconductor manufacturing is the reliability of semiconductor technology.


Design For Reliability of electronic assembly process includes three aspects of work, namely simulation design, failure analysis and reliability test.


The business development and staffing of the process reliability department of the industry-leading large electronics companies are basically carried out in accordance with this framework.


These three aspects of work can complete the requirements of assembly process reliability from qualitative analysis to quantitative design. But for most small and medium-sized electronic companies, it is difficult to build such a huge system and organize a complete reliability department and design process.


For them, a more effective method is to establish their own electronic assembly process reliability specifications or guidelines, which are used to guide the PCB design phase, PCBA assembly process, process failure analysis and process reliability testing, and how new processes appear Take measures to ensure reliability requirements.


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