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Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Hitech Circuits has always been focused on electronic manufacturing services for over 15 years with much experience for design and production in the PCBA field. We provide one-stop services, including SMT mounting, plug-in (THT), electronic component procurement and sourcing, finished product assembly, testing, and other comprehensive services.

From the introduction of new products to the provision of customized components, to stable production, we provide solutions for the entire product lifecycle, enabling our customers to achieve success. Hitech Circuits creates value for customers through advanced value engineering services, customized component solutions, global factory layout, and high-level supply chain management.


We have introduced advanced imported production and testing equipment, and have been committed to the development of new technologies for a long time, implementing comprehensive quality management and environmental management. Therefore, we have become an industry leader with highly competitive prices, ultra-high product stability, reliable delivery guarantee, and excellent service.

One-stop electronic manufacturing services China


One stop electronics manufacturing service

One stop electronic manufacturing service: providing agency component procurement, circuit board supply, and design and application of built-in electronic devices for brand electronic equipment manufacturers.


Provide and solve the entire process from electronic consumer goods to electronic circuit assembly. At the same time, it is equipped with some warehouse logistics management, quality control, and technical services.


Hitech Circuits provides customized services to every customer, forming a professional team to serve a single customer, from sample production, trial production, to mass production, aiming to help customers' products go public in the shortest possible time. Please refer to the one-stop service process we provide for customers as shown in the diagram:

Engineering Services

NPI New Product Introduction

A professional team composed of departments such as engineering, quality assurance, materials, and production management, serving a single customer, strictly overseeing every step of production for the customer.



Provide DFM and DFT reports for customer new product development

The product engineer acts as the communication coordinator for engineering related issues between the customer and the internal team, integrating internal information to help the customer eliminate problems as soon as possible.


Based on the trial production results, discuss and propose improvement measures and suggestions in the trial production report to assist customers in rapid mass production and marketing of their products.

Design Optimization for DFM/DFT Manufacturability and Testability


DFM (Design for Manufacturing)


DFM refers to the consideration of manufacturing capabilities during product design. Through Hitech Circuits electronics' DFM report, it can assist customers in early detection of design issues, reduce the time for repeated trial production verification, save material and labor costs, improve product production quality, and accelerate mass production speed.

Design For Testing


In the PCB layout stage of the product, the Hitech Circuits Electronic Engineering team can analyze the Gerber files and make empirical judgments through software to determine the testing coverage of the PCB and the potential risk of failure during the testing phase. This allows customer RD personnel to modify the circuit diagram as soon as possible, reducing the difficulty of future release engineering design changes.



ECO/ECR/ECN Engineering Specification Change Management


Engineering change management services include:

ECO Engineering Change Order: usually initiated by customer RD to correct design issues.

ECR Engineering Change Request: typically initiated by the process engineer of the OEM factory, such as requesting customers to change parts to improve SMT/DIP/assembly yield.

ECN Engineering Change Notice: usually issued by the DCC (Document  Control Center) document management center to notify relevant units that the BOM has been changed.


Supplier management includes:

Control the quality and cost of key materials for strategic planning.

Establish good relationships with suppliers to achieve stable supply.

Understand supplier quality systems and production processes to ensure material quality.

Regularly audit the quality, price, and delivery time of suppliers.

Improve communication efficiency between customers, Hitech Circuits and suppliers through the delivery platform.


Exchange experience and resources with suppliers to establish a win-win partnership.

Always rely on unparalleled quality to meet your EMS needs on time. Our core point is always to deliver quality on time, as Hitech Circuits 's core belief is that each functional department and its related processes must be integrated throughout the entire enterprise. An integrated product delivery system method for managing.

Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) Assembly


Always rely on unparalleled quality to meet your any EMS needs on time.

Always delivering quality on time is our top priority. We start with Hitech Circuits 's core belief that each functional discipline and its related processes must be integrated throughout the entire enterprise. The integrated product delivery system approach for managing business helps to ensure that each customer's plan meets or exceeds all technical and commercial requirements of the customer. In order to successfully become an electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider among today's competition, the factory must be able to do all of this and do it well throughout the entire product lifecycle. Hitechpcba will try the best to meet different customers’ requirements.


Why are more and more customers choosing PCBA one-stop service?

More and more customers are asking if their suppliers can provide PCBA one-stop service. Many of them purchased these two types of circuit boards and components separately after discovering them.


Therefore, more and more customers are choosing Printed circuit board & electronic components one-stop procurement services for the following reasons.


Firstly, the sales channels for components are networked, and prices tend to be transparent.

At present, the entire component sales network is actually available. You can find any type of material by entering the online model, price, manufacturer's production status, and whether there is inventory. In fact, the entire process is very simple. If the company purchases on its own, it needs to ask someone who knows the materials if the component supplier is genuine and when it can be shipped. But in this way, the final purchased materials may have the same price as the supplier, which is equivalent to spending more money on the same thing.


Secondly, labor costs increase and own cost decrease to cope with uncertainty

Faced with the current unstable situation, we can indeed feel that orders are not actually increasing, but decreasing. It is absolutely impossible to reduce labor costs without increasing orders. The entire PCBA one-stop service includes the entire budget, with controllable prices and no other costs, reducing uncertainty.


Thirdly, delegate professional affairs to a more professional team for handling

Compared to General Solutions, it may not have much understanding of the current price trends of PCB boards and components, as well as new SMT technologies, as it does not involve specific backend production processes. But PCBA manufacturers have to handle these backend processes every day. The engineers at the PCBA processing plant are very clear about what type of board and solder paste to use in what industry.


The most important point is that PCBA manufacturers have many customers and there is also a high demand for parts procurement. Correspondingly, you can obtain more terminal channels, thereby obtaining more products, so the price will definitely be lower and the quality will definitely be guaranteed. After all, end distributors do not want to lose their main customers. If you purchase from one company, you may not be able to meet the lowest quotation from other companies.

Are you looking for a reliable one-stop PCB assembly services provider for the electronic product of you company?

Hitech Circuits, an advanced PCB one-stop-shop solution provider, will show what is the one-stop electronic assembly services in this article below.


Electronic manufacturing services--EMS Assembly China

Chapter 1: What does it have in One-Stop PCB Assembly Services?

Chapter 2: One-Stop PCB Assembly Services Provider - HITECH CIRCUITS

Part 1: What does it have in One-Stop PCB Assembly?

One-stop PCB assembly belongs to electronics manufacturing services, and it includes PCB design, PCB manufacturing, electronic components sourcing, and PCB assembly.


The collaboration model between electronics solution companies and the one-stop PCB assembly service provider Hitech Circuits is:

Electronics solution companies work on project designs for product research and development > Hitechpcba reduces the project costs through appropriate PCB design > PCB manufacturing, assembly, test, and other services > shipping.


One-Stop PCB assembly specific process of Hitech Circuits:

Step 1. PCB board designing (optional) and PCB reverse

HITECH CIRCUITS can help the customers to improve the PCB design. If you have completed the PCB design, our professional engineers will check carefully your design to make sure everything is OK. We also can design the board for the customers. we need schematic source files or netlists, structure diagrams (dxf) and design requirements. If no schematic source files or netlists, it needs to provide a package library (if no package, need to provide a component data manual).

Besides, we also can do the PCB reverse engineering. if you can send me 2 good sample boards.

1.Tell me these details (Layers, board size, raw materials.) then we can give you a quote about making Gerber files and BOM.

this is the first step. If you agree with the quote, then you can send me board;

2.after making files, then we quote production cost for you. If you don't agree the production cost, then you just need to pay us the cost of making files.


Step 2. PCB board manufacturing

Before bulky PCB manufacturing, HITECH CIRCUITS can manufacture samples according to customers’ requirement and do the DFM, DFT, and DFX (design for manufacturing, test, excellence).


The PCB manufacturing process is:

PCB material preparation and processing > laminate PCB layers on the core > generate circuits on PCB layers > AOI (automatic optical inspection) > mechanical and laser drill on PCB layers > electroplate PCB holes by VCP (vertical continuous plating) > print solder mask and surface finishes > process the PCB edges > four-terminal sensing test (for boards of defense, aerospace, medical, automotive uses)

Meanwhile, we manufacture the SMT stencils for PCB assembly.


Step 3. Electronic components sourcing

HITECH CIRCUITS has its electronic component warehouse, with commonly-used components and some discontinued ST/TI components in stock. According to your BOM, we provide all components you want.

We source the components from local and reliable electronic components factories and direct suppliers from the globe. Through regional price differences, we can provide the best prices for you. All the electronic parts components are original ones.


Step 4. PCB assembly service

Before bulky PCBA manufacturing, we assemble 5 PCB boards and randomly choose one for the first article inspection (FAI). We generate an FAI report and send it to our client. We will start bulky PCB assembly when the client reviews and approves it.


The PCB assembly process is: solder paste printing > solder paste inspection > SMT assembly (high-speed assembly and function assembly) > X-ray inspection if there is BGA > reflow soldering > AOI > THT assembly > wave soldering > functional test (optional) > IC programming (optional) > thermal aging (optional) > conformal coating (optional) > box-built assembly (optional)


Step 5. Final shipping

We have our warehouse for printed circuit boards and PCBA. We will use FedEx, DHL, or UPS to deliver the boards to you as soon as possible. (Usually, we recommend FedEx. since it is cheaper). We also have our own forwarder which can provide competitive price.


Part 4: One-Stop PCB Assembly Services Provider – Hitech Circuits

HITECH CIRCUITS is a leading and professional one-stop solution provider of electronics manufacturing services for the customers around the world. Hitech Circuits can provide good services with good quality on time


Our one-stop PCB assembly services target clients are from the industry of automotive, industrial, medical, defense, aerospace, communications, and consumer electronics, etc.

Here are the reasons to work with Hitech Circuits for one-stop PCB assembly:

One-stop PCB assembly certified with ISO, IATF, REACH, UL, RoHS, and IPC standards

Complex PCB manufacturing and assembly from design and prototypes to bulky production

One-on-one engineering support with free DFM, DFT, and DFX for one-stop PCB assembly projects

Electronic components sourcing for one-stop PCB assembly without profit from

Complete PCB/PCBA tests and services available, such as four-terminal sensing, IC programming, conformal coating


Electronics manufacturers need a dependable partner to supply the electronic chip that goes into all our smart electronic gadgets. Whether it’s a luxury car or smartwatch, a remote-controlled child’s toy or a glucose monitoring kit at your local health store, the crucial printed circuit board (PCB) is an essential component.


Manufacturing a PCB involves a series of complex steps: printing and storing circuit boards, procuring electronic components, assembly, and testing to ensure functionality to specifications. Traditionally, OEMs used a multi-vendor, multi-partner approach to PCB sourcing, manufacturing, assembly, and testing. However, this method was too cumbersome, slow, expensive and error-prone. As a result, the demand for ready-to-use PCBs snowballed, and one-stop PCB assembly services became the preferred choice for electronics manufacturers and designers.


The importance of a one-stop PCB assembly services provider

End-to-end service providers give OEMs a competitive edge. They can turn their ideas into efficient electronics products, get them out into the market before their competition, and achieve early monetization.


When working with a one-stop PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) service provider, the same vendor sources components and assembles the PCB. Maintaining a single point of contact for the entire manufacturing process eases communication in case of any problems, changes, or modifications. As a result, you can resolve issues quickly and efficiently, eliminate bottlenecks in the production process, and significantly reduce PCB production lead times.


Hitech Circuits is your ideal partner for one-stop PCB assembly services. We procure high-quality electronic components based on your PCB design. Our advanced electronics assembly solutions and superior customer service support you throughout the assembly process till the PCB board is tested and shipped to your promises.


Electronic Manufacturer Services Assembly

HITECH CIRCUITS turnkey PCB solutions: Contributing to every stage of PCB production

OEMs prefer to work with one-stop PCB assembly manufacturers to provide services at every production stage:


Components procurement: Careful selection and timely procurement of components are key to an efficient PCB assembly process. The HITECH CIRCUITS procurement team studies details of the PCB design and layout before placing the orders for components to avoid problems in the layout later on.

Component placement: If the electronic components are not placed correctly on a blank circuit board, it can cause problems during assembly. It may result in incorrect soldering and can even cause shorts and failures in some or all of the automated processes.

PCB board layout: The schematic layout of the circuit board is decided during the PCB design process. Design choices affect the cost and delivery schedule of PCBs. Complex PCBs require longer procurement lead times and fabrication time. Therefore, coordination with the design team is critical to meeting cost and delivery targets. A one-stop provider can keep track of all the connections or interfaces that the design may require and accommodate them in the manufacturing schedule and costs.

Testing: HITECH CIRCUITS provides comprehensive testing services for PCB components and functionality. Our powerful tests include Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), X-Ray tests, in-circuit tests, flying probe, Jtag. We will not let any board pass through unless it’s perfect!

Hitech Circuits partners with you from the PCB design phase to maximize the benefits of DFM for product development, including making the right components selection and placement decisions, and finally through to production and testing.


The advantages of using one-stop PCB assembly services

There are many advantages to using a single company like HITECH CIRCUITS for end-to-end PCB manufacturing and assembly:


Reduce PCB fabrication and assembly costs: Since our one-stop PCB services cover all processes, including fabrication and assembly, there is no need for shipping components and boards from one vendor to another. Your Bill of Materials (BOM) cost is also optimized as we efficiently source difficult-to-find and long lead-time components. With all processes under one roof, you save on production costs.

Detect errors and issues early: An end-to-end service can spot potential errors and detect potential issues very early in the PCB assembly project. This saves time and gives you a chance to modify the design and reduce wastage, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Ensure higher quality of parts and production: It is best to get a single outsourced company to manage the entire production process for quality assurance. With multiple vendors, errors at one stage may not get communicated to the next, leading to quality issues in the end product. We provide comprehensive SMT assembly services (surface mount technology) at HITECH CIRCUITS with high-quality, ISO9001-certified equipment. We constantly review our quality management system to enhance service delivery. We select only high-quality components from proven suppliers.

Maintain easy communication with a single point of contact: When you have a single point of contact, there is better collaboration between designers, engineers, and testing teams. You don’t need to circulate design files with multiple vendors—one error in a chain of vendors can cause delays and quality issues in the final assembly phase. A single point of contact makes it easy to initiate change order changes with a simple phone call or email.

Develop, test and take products to market faster: To compete in today’s fast-paced market, you need to turn your ideas into thoroughly tested and functional products in the quickest time possible. Work with a single partner for shorter procurement lead times, smoother production, and a faster time-to-market while delivering quality products to your customers. We handle all aspects of the PCB manufacturing process so you can focus on improving the performance of your final product and designing better products!

Partner with HITECH CIRCUITS for end-to-end PCB assembly services

Hitech Circuits is committed to fulfilling customer requirements in a way that exceeds expectations. We understand that producing high-quality circuit boards requires an end-to-end approach.


With years of experience providing PCB prototype design, parts procurement, testing, and assembly, we have developed strong relationships with major North American partners and distributors. Our team has secured ties with component vendors and shipping partners so that we can negotiate the best rates for you.


At HITECH CIRCUITS, we can meet all your requirements for quick turn PCB manufacturing.


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