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Components Sourcing

What is Component Sourcing?

Components Souring (Electronics parts) Service Hitech Circuits is a PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and design company. When choose our turnkey printed circuit board assembly service, all electronics components, including active and passive parts will be provided by us. That’s means we are responsible for full BOM components sourcing. We understand the importance of reducing components cost and shortening PCB and PCBA manufacturing turnarounds by strategic components sourcing management. With long term working relationships with many component manufacturers and distributors both in domestics and overseas, we are able to purchase those hard to find parts at good prices and lead times, and offer them a very wide range of quality components. All component suppliers are audited by passing our quality standards and sourcing lead time requirement, and only trusted sources are permitted to procurement and application in your PCB assembly projects no matter in prototypes, low-volume and high-volume runs.


Continuous Strips & Tapes for Consignment or Partial Turnkey Assembly Proper SMT machine setup and operation requires parts overages (or extra parts) because there is a small length between the feeder and the picking nozzle of the placement machine can’t be used. When it comes to pick and place process, the machine may throw away some parts, and the electronics parts uploading to the feeders may be missed by manual. Unused and excessive parts supplier by you or purchased by us will be packaged and returned to you together with the PCB assembly. SMT parts which are not supplied on reels should be on one continuous strip of tape. If you need to assemble different PCB boards with the same SMT parts, please do not cut them into more strips, just keep them in the continuous strip of the tape or on the reels. Standard of parts sourcing quantity or quantity provided for PCB assembly prototypes as the chart in Component Overages and Quantities. For high-volume PCB assemblyruns, extra parts by percentage are ok for Hitechpcb. All extra parts are necessary for ensuring smooth assembling and shipping your assembled boards on time without shortage.


Electronics Components Sourcing


Analysis of the advantages of three different electronic component Sourcing Channels

Electronic components are small size and used in electronic products, the role of electronic component is an indispensable existence for electronic products. Component sourcing has always been troublesome to some professional purchasers, this is because component sourcing process is very complicated and needs to purchase from different channels, as a result, it is difficult to make effective deletion in the components sourcing process, which increases the complexity of procurement. Component sourcing needs to be sorted out from the beginning to find the best sourcing channel for components in order to better solve the component sourcing issues. What are the channels for component sourcing? Which component sourcing should we have try, let us see below details.


1. One -stop component sourcing platform

When purchasing components, we can directly find an e-component mall through the internet and checking it to see if there is the type of electronic component you need, if it has stock, you can directly add this component to the shopping cart; if you do not find the electronic component model you need, you can through online consultation customer service inquiry way, choose the components you need. One-stop electronic component sourcing platform has become another channel recognized by users in recent years.


2. Direct purchase from factory

The electronic component volume is often small, but it is an indispensable and important part of modern instruments and machinery equipment, it plays an important role in many areas. When people need to purchase electronic components, they often consider costs, quality and services, and direct purchasing from factory has become a more favored procurement channel for many people, because component sourcing through this channel is inevitable and component price will be relatively lower, meanwhile, it is more guaranteed in the quality of the product and the related services.


3. Component sourcing from agent and dealer

The development model of electronic components is derived from a model authorized by the manufacturer to agents and agents to dealers, therefore, many electronic components can be sourced through regular electronic component agents or dealers. However, when choosing a dealer or agent, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the overall strength of the agent or dealer, every detail is very important. Because if the agent or dealers don’t have enough strength, there will be many unknown troubles in the procurement.


Through the introduction of the above three aspects, we have already known the main component sourcing, at the same time, we also know the better component sourcing channel is through the internet online mall model. If you are an electronic component purchaser, you can combine your own company characteristics and through above introduction to choose the appropriate component sourcing channel.


Component sourcing preparation problems are important for enterprises, especially for spot-type enterprises. When you have enough stock for components and then the next purchasing time is just the time components are used up; if the components are not well prepared, the components will be used up before next sourcing time coming, as a result, there will be no component available for customers to place orders at this period.


Due to the delivery time of component sourcing, the quantity of documents is large and the list details of documents are numerous, there may be thousands of items purchased at one time. The original factory response the delivery date according to its production or sail schedule. According to their system, all the goods that have not been delivered will be given to the delivery date, there are thousands of items purchased at a time, which come from different orders. To update the delivery date to the corresponding purchase order, the enterprise has to find the purchase order one by one to modify the delivery date, which is very time-consuming.


As we all know, there are many types and attributes of electronic components, so every purchasing staff has their own components to be responsible for. There are so many components suppliers, which supplier do you want to buy from? If the purchase price is lower, the company will save a lot of costs, however, we should not blindly pursue the price, but also need to check customers’ expected delivery time and the delivery ability of suppliers.



Electronics Components Parts Sourcing

Our Guarantee for Components Sourcing

1. No inappropriate part crosses;

2. No counterfeit or grey-market parts;

3. No unauthorized part substitutions;

4. No added expenses for wasted time and materials;

5. Can ensure all of components are original.


Electronic Components Procurement Manufacturer & Supplier – One-stop service

Hitech Circuits provides professional one-stop Circuit Board and PCB Assembly OEM turnkey manufacturing services with more than 15 years experience.

Our supply chain service can provide on-demand components, helping customers solve the troubles of sluggish materials. In the procurement of components, our aim is:

Quality is above everything else.

And helping customers reduce costs is the meaning of our existence.


Components Sourcing:

Hitech Circuits could help you cost down and improve your productivity through:

Cost-effective, purchase original components, cooperate with the original brand.

Experts team with 15 years experience.

Professional components certified engineers and experienced supply chain management, team.

Focus on the latest international market information and provide a competitive price.

Certified suppliers and Parts.

No MOQ, fast delivery.

To successfully help customers source electronics components to cost down, companies require experienced, practical management and resources on-site. Hitech Circuits provides these resources to help companies develop and execute a comprehensive international strategic sourcing program.


We are ISO9001:2015,  ISO14001: 2015 and IATF16949: 2016 certified. We have EMS sourcing capability and commodity management. All the electronics components we purchase are from the original manufacturer or an A-level agent, which means we will never ever use second-hand electronics parts, refresh components or parts with old date code. We have professional purchasing team and we have a purchasing office in Hong Kong.


Our Purchasing System for Components Sourcing

Hitechpcba has a mature and effective components procurement systems, serve the turn-key of PCB assembly with low cost, has a professional team responsible for our customer's PCB components procurement and parts management. Follow the system and organized PCB parts procurement process, we solve the whole process of procurement components and materials, and manage the supply chain Electronic parts will be purchased as per the customer designated suppliers and manufacturers. Without your approval, will not use any alternative material.



Electronics Parts Sourcing Services

Why choose our component procurement supplier?

In managing the supply chain, our procurement engineers have more than 20 years of experience in OEM electronic material procurement, creating predictability, reliability, and responsiveness throughout the entire customer engagement. We provide on-demand sourcing talent with expertise in data analysis and strategic technology to help you more predict, plan and respond to cost reductions. Hitech Circuits’s supply chain services deliver supply chain innovation on demand. We offer a bold, yet proven service solution designed to grow market share and profit.


Electronic Component Overages and Quantities


The quantities required for your PCB assembly project is for assembling and shipping PCB assemblies (PCBA) smooth without shipping delay. It also would be for each setup of the feeder and remaining parts will be lost during the removal and re-installation. Thus, if the PCB assembly job is set up more than one time or on future runs, additional components will be required. For electronic component overages and quantities, please check the page of Assembly Reminders. When ask BOM cost quote at Hitechpcb, we will list all components sourcing quantities, prices and lead time.



Soldering Electronic Components


The most important tool in soldering the components is soldering iron itself. The tip of the iron is at 400oC and its tip can be replaced as required. Connect your iron to AC socket and wait till it gets hot enough. Then take a little soldering wire and touch at the tip, a smoke will raise indicating that iron is ready to solder. This little solder on the tip also helps the heat to flow from iron tip to joint. This process is called “tinning”. You must have a soldering iron stand, so you can place in it when not in use. Soldering should be done in place where there is ventilation. The smoke of solder wire is injurious to health You should have a wet sponge so as to clean iron tip as required. Now as your iron is ready, grab it like a pen and touch the iron tip with both soldering wire and joint. The joint is the point where component lead and PCB track needs connection. Now hold the tip at the joint for 1-2 seconds until the solder is formed like a “mountain”.


Our Warehousing System for Components

Hitechpcba has an independent warehouse management system, long-term storage of most commonly used electronic components, to meet the long-term, rapid delivery of products to customers. From quotation - procurement - warehousing - storage - assembly, every component is tested, every step is traceable, every step follows strict system standards. One of the key reasons why we are the premier PCBA manufacturer for our customers is that we adhere to strict quality standards applicable to all areas of industry.


Electronics Parts Components Sourcing Services Manufacturer


How to do the components sourcing?

With the continuous development of the electronics industry, there are more and more types of components, brands, and manufacturers, which have more and more requirements for component sourcing purchaser and there are details that determine success or failure. What are the problems need to consider during electronic component souring? What are the precautions when buying? What purchasing traps need to be avoided?


As a component sourcing personnel, not only requires flexible business ability, but also needs to master the professional basic knowledge of electronic components, such as classification, model identification and application, and so on, so as to provide more professional component sourcing suggestions for enterprises.


Learn the appearance, model, performance and other parameters of components

The complete device models include the main model, prefix, suffix, packaging, foot spacing, deviation, material, etc. Device prefix is a series with large representative devices, so prefixes are less common, but suffixes are more common.

Inquire and compare price through internet

With the development of the Internet, the online trading platform of electronic components has risen rapidly, gathered the originals, well-known agents, and spot resources at home and abroad. According to the requirement documents, the dealer shall provide the correct and valid quotation in the shortest time, and each inquiry comparison price is also the most tired and headache.

Pay attention to MOQ and MPQ

MOQ (minimum order quantity): the existence of minimum order is the basis for manufacturers to ensure the cost (materials, labor, etc.). Generally, standard parts or customized parts have the minimum order quantity requirements. In actual component sourcing, small and medium-sized orders are often not satisfied because the minimum order volume cannot be met, and manufacturers have rejected a refusal phenomenon due to a small amount of order.

MPQ (minimum number of packages): due to the high degree of automation in the production of standard components, the packaging process is also completed by fully automatic or semi-automatic equipment. In order to meet the production efficiency of automation equipment and save packaging materials and transportation costs, it is necessary for suppliers to establish minimum packaging, for component sourcing manufacturers with relatively small demand, such as enterprises with planned demand for thousands of finished products, purchasing a plate of 10K components means temporary use of funds, inventory overhang and waste. Now there is no need to worry about this situation. Now the good component suppliers can provide disassembly purchase services, and retail can also be available.

Examine supply qualifications

The qualification of supplier includes: business license, tax registration certificate, product agent authorization certificate, supply quality assurance agreement, product testing certificate, production license, manufacturer's quality assurance system certification certificate, special product industry identification certificate, etc.

Large enterprises usually have a special department for electronic component identification and testing of component sourcing, but most of small and medium-sized enterprises often do not have such capabilities. Today's component market is a jumble of goods and components. It is difficult to distinguish between real and fake components, choosing the right procurement platform for electronic components suppliers can reduce the probability of component quality problems.

Determine the date and trading conditions

The delivery time requirements include the time required by the buyer for the purchased products and how much time is required by the seller to prepare the samples, the first small batch production, and the time required for the regular order production. Although the supplier can cooperate according to the requirements of the buyer, the length of delivery is related to the price of the purchased products. The buyer should put forward the requirements according to the actual needs, rather than blindly pursuing timely delivery.

Transport and delivery method

The delivery mode of domestic sales is usually based on railway and highway transportation, while the delivery place and delivery mode of international procurement determine the calculation of price. If the Seller is asked to quote on CIF basis (the components of the CIF price include the usual freight and the agreed insurance from the port of loading to the agreed port of destination), whether by sea or air, the freight and the insurance shall be jointly borne by agreement or by one party. There are different billing methods depending on the distance of delivery. Suppliers usually quote based on sea transportation, because sea transportation is the most economical way of delivery.

Electronic components are generally divided into domestic purchasing and import purchasing. General domestic component sourcing processes: find manufacturers (You can search for manufacturers through the internet and other channels), quote, accept samples, compare price, place order, follow up, material purchasing, inspection, account checking, etc. The imported part of the foreign country needs to find the original agent or distributor through the component brand, and then choose the most favorable communication method to contact the quotation and sampling. In addition, there is a purchase for traders. They will find the lowest price of similar products from various channels, sell them to customers, and earn the difference.

Our Partners for Components Sourcing

Hitechpcba team has established a strong partnership with the original STM NXP ATMEl TI or Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Farnell, Future Electronics, Chip1stop, Avnet, WPG, Arrow, Digi-key and Mouser. Through our procurement, you usually can get a very affordable discount price. We focus on the things we are best suited and save more time and cost for customers.



Our Partners for Components Sourcing

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