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Medical PCB Assembly Manufacturer –  One-stop service

Medical devices (medical PCB assembly) refer to instruments, devices, instruments; in vitro diagnostic reagents and calibrators, materials, and other similar or related items. There are used directly or indirectly in the human body, including the required computer software.


Hitech Circuits has extensive experience in providing medical PCB assembly services to our medical industry customers, and we deeply understand that our medical PCBA will be used in life-critical medical devices, which have extremely high requirements for precision and reliability.

We are committed to offering the world-class PCBA by strictly controlling the quality of every piece, our medical PCB assembly, box build assembly, and prototypes assembly capacities allow us to assemble kinds of medical devices such as diagnostic imaging equipment, lasers, and handheld dental tools.

At Hitech Circuits, we take care of the medical PCB assembly of your product so you can spend more time running your business and marketing your medical devices.


Medical PCB Assembly manufacturing

Hitechpcba medical PCB assembly technique:

Whether in a controlled environment such as a hospital or in an uncontrolled environment such as a home health care center, medical equipment must protect the lives of patients and surgeons. Medical PCBA refers to instrumented circuit boards that are used directly or indirectly in the human body. Such as instruments, equipment, instruments, in vitro diagnostic reagents, and calibrators, materials, and other similar or related instruments.


Therefore, the requirements for component procurement and processing are very strict, and a more precise technique is required, which is produced by IPC Class 3 standard. Hitechpcba is fully certificated, apart from certifications of ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, REACH and IATF16949, we have also obtained the ISO13485 certification, which means that our PCBs can meet the high standards required by medical devices, and all of our finished medical devices are of FDA Class II. Working with us can avoid you from worrying about the quality problem.


This standard provides you with the ability to produce and manufacture to meet higher customer needs. In the medical device industry, safety and quality are not negotiable. At every step of the product life cycle, including service and delivery, regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent.


More and more industry organizations want to showcase their quality management processes and make sure that everything they do is best practice. PCBA is used in the medical industry to bring good news to patients. Hitechpcba is a certified manufacturer offering a one-stop PCB and PCBA turnkey service with 15 years experience and we have the confidence to become your preferred supplier.


Hitechpcba advantages:

We offer unprecedented service and flexibility for any medical device PCB. Without a small batch test, you can’t start your concept prototype so that it doesn’t help you get it to market. We offer comprehensive engineering support to make your medical device printed circuit board manufacturing process reality in the most cost-effective way.


We provide high-end customized processing services for PCBA in medical machinery customers. It is manufactured by PCB circuit board, component procurement, SMT chip processing, patch plug-in soldering, assembly testing and other one-stop services.


QC was set up in front of the furnace for poor screening, PCBA 100% visual inspection after furnace, PCBA 100% optical inspection, and 13 temperature zone reflow soldering each product independently set temperature. Must undergo rigorous tests, such as ICT, FCT, Burn-in test. The products produced include monitors, pacemakers, sphygmomanometers, etc.

We ensure the quality, reliability, and traceability of our medical PCB manufacturing assembly.


Over 15 Years of Medical PCBA Experience

With more than 10 years of experience in offering PCB assembly services, we have a good understanding of the medical industry, our experts have participated in a host of projects to provide medical PCBA solutions to leading medical companies and get trusted by them.


Types of Medical PCB Assemblies

As a PCB expert, Hitechpcba is capable of assembling types of medical PCBs such as multi-layer PCBs, rigid, rigid-flex PCB, and flexible PCBs, and there are various PCB materials available including copper, aluminum, and standard FR4, etc. So our medical PCB assembly solutions can be used for almost all medical devices.


High Efficiency

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment for medical PCB assembly that can reduce errors during the assembly process, meanwhile, we have proficient workers who know how to assemble PCBs correctly and efficiently.


The trend of PCB Medical Industry

The medical field is not like it used to be. Advances in technology have revolutionized the industry. This change is even more evident in electronic diagnostic, research, and treatment systems and tools. Every day, several complex electronic devices and instruments are introduced to simplify various medical procedures. This growth has largely benefited the PCBA technology industry because, without PCB in medical, new inventions would not be impossible. To meet the ever-changing needs of medical device and diagnostic machine manufacturers, today's PCB manufacturers are manufacturing extremely simple parts into highly complex PCB in medical industry. Using specialized high-speed laminates, copper and aluminum substrates, ceramics, and coatings, PCB manufacturers can make these boards best suited for medical industry applications.

Custom Medical PCB Assembly

Custom circuit board design in medical is the trend today. The medical industry has chosen the same approach when it comes to PCB. Customers can provide the correct specifications with the full form of PCB in medical for board size in X-direction, board size in Y-direction, total number of holes, minimum alignment and pitch size in inches, board material, number of layers, surface coating, etc. Therefore, the manufacturer will work according to the given specifications and deliver the right product for your application.

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