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PCB Reverse Engineering

PCB Reverse Engineering - PCB Copy Services - PCB Clone - Hitech Circuits Co., Limited


PCB clone refers to PCB duplication or PCB copy. This can be described as a reverse technology of research which is based on the already-existing PCB boards, and then make another copy. This refers to PCB reverse engineering’s integrated tasks, IC unlock (which is also called IC cracks), PCB prototyping and debugging, and finally re-production.


PCB hardware clone technology enables the possibility on reversing the PCB module from the physical item to engineering drawings. Physical PCB modules will be translated into PCB Gerber (the production engineering file), PCB BOM List (PCB component list), & PCB Schematic Diagram. With these engineering files, re-produce / clone a PCB module is enable at any PCB manufacturer. The files could also be used for design modification or product upgrade.


Solutions that helped customer to have a complete documentation of their boards to create ODB++ FILES for Boundry scan Test and Flying board testers. The customer has 300 different boards being designed and manufactured by 3rd party. .


This is how the reverse engineering services started. If You have a printed circuit board that you need reverse engineered, Hitechpcb can help you.  From a component mounted PCB we can recreate circuit diagram, generate a Bill of Material and design a PCB Layout.


Further, if you require a prototype PCB and component assembly we can provide that too. Over more than Fifteen years Hitechpcb executed several hundred of PCB Reverse Engineering service worldwide & many of them turned their product to successful ventures.


PCB Reverse Engineering

Reasons to reverse engineer an existing PCB may include:

• Lost or corrupt files with the need to modify the current design.

• PCB no longer manufactured & require replacements 

• Documentation require to service the boards in-house.

• Design Analysis/Study of an existing board


Hitechpcb PCB Reverse Engineering Services can take an existing PCB  and create a complete documentation package required for fabrication.                                                                                  


More on PCB Clone

For now, some people make use of IC unlock technology to extract the Hex or Bin code from the board’s programmable ICs to ensure the cloned boards would function the same. Also, make use of these production and engineering documents in component soldering, PCB re-production, circuit board debug, flying probe testing, so as to finish up the whole copy of the initial circuit board as a sample.


In addition, hardware engineering can gain many benefits from reverse engineering. This is important for human mapping DNA, as well as computer software development. You can replicate the design of the circuit board by cloning the PCB.


The two major steps when offering a PCB clone service are making the BOM, as well as duplicating its schematics. The clone PCB board works with different research methods to help in the creation of the PCB design circuits for producing high-quality electronic devices. Also, it makes use of the circuit schematics and BOM.


Furthermore, note that the process of PCB cloning could be difficult to grasp. Every day, electronic devices evolve, and many electronics pass through upgrades at least once yearly. Also, many engineers believe that traditional research and development methods won’t be enough to stay at the same pace with electronics replacement evolution.


This is why reverse engineering has become very popular. Redesigning circuit boards using PCB clone is a very cost-effective solution. This helps to extend the life of systems and devices when the components are obsolete.


PCB Board Cloning Service

For PCB Board Cloning Service, you can get in touch with us. Our PCB Copy Service is quite popular in the electronics industry. It will allow you to achieve you business goals and make the most out of your available resources. Our Printed Circuit Board Clone is quite popular in the industry and will allow you to achieve the required success in life. The Electronic PCB Board Cloning service will also allow you to make things a lot easier for you. The Circuit Board Cloning service will also make it easier for you to get things done in the most perfect way.


PCB Copy Services


Why Getting a PCB Clone Service is Important

Using a PCB clone service means that you can generate replicas of electronic circuit boards. Making any PCB replica isn’t an easy task. Cloning has to be your last resort if the circuit comes with a reliable controller.


With PCB cloning, you can generate more PCBs without having to design them from the start. This is why they are very important in the electronics of today. PCB clone is now more popular among the manufacturers of electronics to serve as a cost-effective alternative.


PCB copying is a very effective way to ensure that multiple copies are created during the process of PCB production. You might have to create multiple boards to help with product testing, build boards just for bulk production, and create some sample boards for your customers. In each of the cases outlined above, PCB clone will easily create whatever number of boards you desire and with less or minimal effort.



Getting a PCB clone service is very important because of the benefits it offers. Asides saving you the stress of creating new designs or starting from the scratch, you can create multiple copies within a short time frame, all at a reduced cost.


PCB Clone

PCB Reverse Engineering Q&A


Q1: How much to Copy a PCB?

A1: PCB Reverse Engineering price is related to multiple factors. Generally, PCB layer affects the price the most. Higher the layer is, more expensive the PCB copy would be.

Q2: How to choose a PCB Reverse Engineering services provider?

A2: The service provider needs to be very experienced on PCB Copy to zero the possible errors for the final engineering files for production. Hitechpcb is able to transfer your the PCB module sample to the Gerber file for PCB production, the other universal PCB file format, as well as the BOM list and the schematic diagram of the PCB. We have the testing team to check circuits we captured from the sample module, and make sure there is no difference between the physical PCB module and PCB Gerber we are providing.

Q3: What I can receive once the PCB Reverse Engineering work done?

A3:  We provide our customers PCB Gerber file, BOM list, and PCB Schematic Diagram. Customer is able to make the PCB module through the files.

Q4: Will Hitechpcb resell the customers’ files?

A4: All the PCB samples from customer & the files customer paid for are highly confidential between Hitech Circuits & the customers. We have been cooperating with a lot of our customers for so many years, and we have been obeying the business integrity and protecting every piece of our customers’ information.

Q5: Why the price of PCB Reverse Engineering Service prices is very different between the service providers?

A5: The accuracy of circuits on line width, space, holes size & etc. can be different between the service providers. Some are not so experienced on PCB Copy, so customer may have to re-work many time with they, and re-make PCB module many time to achieve the expected result. With 10+ years experiences on various projects covering Consumer / Automotive / Medical / Military / Industrial / Telecom appliances, Hitechpcba is capable to handle those simple multi-layer PCB on zero failure rate.

Q6: How do you ensure the PCB copied 100% correct?

A6: Hitechpcb has its proven PCB copy procedures to ensure the accuracy of the graphs captured. After the files are generated, there will be the experienced engineers to check all the files.

Q7: Does PCB Reverse Engineering Services require to disassemble the PCB components? Is PCB sample re-usable?

A7:  It depends on the complexity of the PCB. If it’s 1-2 layer PCB, it’s possible to Copy without disassemble the PCB Module. However, to disassemble PCB sample is highly recommended, as the PCB Copy is able to be completed without error by doing this. The PCB sample from the customer may be re-usable if it’s simple 1 or 2 layer PCB module.

Q8: Why there is a project assessment before we accepting your PCB Reverse Engineering Service request?

A8: There are some factors may affect PCB Copy work. The function of the PCB module, Special  IC coding type, special IC availability & etc. may fail a PCB Copy work. Thus, our engineers will assess the project before we accept it.


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