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Low Cost PCB Circuit Board Manufacturing

Low cost, Quick turn lead time, High quality, Circuit Board Manufacturer from China

Low Cost PCB Circuit Board Manufacturing

Low Cost PCB Circuit Board manufacturing


We provide printed circuit board fabrication with competitive prices for thousands of electronic design engineers, PCB assemblers, hobbyists and students from all over the world.


Three differences between us and other low-cost PCB manufacturers are as followed:

1. We provide higher quality boards with low cost which are made in China.

2. Faster lead time (24 hours for 2 layers PCBs prototypes and small batch production).

3. Superior customer service (Dedicated account rep, personal to personal).


As experts in the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards, we work to make our blog a helpful resource on PCB topics and the industries that we work with, including automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace and many more. Here you'll find insights into PCB design, tech trends, assembly issues, and trending topics in the general news media as they relate to printed circuit board technology.


Circuit board manufacturing

Higher quality PCBs at a Lower Price 

We can provide you with high quality domestic printed circuit boards that are not only at a low price, but also meet our stringent testing and quality standards. Every piece of printed circuit board will be tested before shipping. If you are ever unsatisfied with our low-cost PCB manufacturing services, we can quickly resolve any issues with our local in-house manufacturing capabilities and try our best to meet all your requirements. We aren't just providing you with "cheap PCBs", we are providing you with inexpensive PCBs that are of the highest quality! Don't be tricked by other discounted PCB factory, make sure you are still getting the board quality that your PCB prototyping efforts demand.


Are you looking for Cheap PCB Prototyping manufacturer in China?


Hitech Circuits manufactures printed circuit boards for the simplest 2 layer hobbyist projects to the most complex PCB to meet the rigorous requirements for military, medical, aerospace, etc. To satisfy the needs of our wide range of customers, we have created 3 different ways to order printed circuit boards:  Standard Spec, Custom Spec, and our 2 & 4 Layer Prototyping Specials.  The different categories help our customers stay on budget while making it easy to meet their project requirements


There is no shortage of PCB manufacturers that produce boards “on the cheap”.  But how does their cheap PCB fabrication compare with our low cost prototyping options?  Hitech Circuits’ experienced CAM engineers fully inspect your PCB design files before manufacturing, contacting you if there are any issues found.  Unlike the “no-touch” alternatives, you are not left on your own with design issues after manufacturing with boards that you are not able to use.  We also offers you:


Industry’s best on-time shipping record

Quick turn as fast as Same Day

100% China Based Manufacturing

Industry’s largest support team

24 Hr. tech support

Latest state-of-the-art equipment

High Quality Standards

Detailed CAM Review


Generally, PCB buyers choose a targeted PCB manufacturer based on the overall needs of the factory when choosing a PCB manufacturer. Professional PCB manufacturers produce PCBs with more quality assurance and low cost. Therefore, PCB buyers will choose PCB manufacturers with solid production and service capabilities to reduce the overall PCB procurement risk. However, it is not easy for PCB buyers to find a suitable PCB manufacturer, so how to choose a PCB manufacturer?


Low cost PCB sample manufacturing

Let us understand how to choose the best China pcb manufacturer?

A: As a PCB manufacturer for hobbyist, PCB manufacturers near me is an important consideration

For example, PCB manufacturing USA, PCB manufacturing UKand PCB manufacturing AustraliaChina has more cheap PCB manufacturers. It is also a good idea to choose China PCB manufacturer.

B: Pay attention to the range of process capability and services.


PCB manufacturing process is complex and tedious; when choosing a PCB manufacturer, try to choose a PCB manufacturer with a wide range of functions and rich process capabilities so as not to delay the process involved beyond the ability of the PCB manufacturer, which will affect the PCB delivery time, so first when choosing a PCB manufacturer There must be a detailed reference to the PCB process requirements to prevent electrical functions from being affected due to the lack of PCB manufacturer's process.


C: Pay attention to whether the PCB manufacturer's production equipment can meet the requirements. Due to the different types of PCBs, the PCB production requirements are pretty additional, and the equipment levels used by PCB manufacturers are also different. Therefore, PCB manufacturers must make sample comparisons before considering batch cooperation.


D: Pay attention to whether there is a pegging fork clause. Due to the particularity of PCB custom processing, all PCBs that need to be assembled and shipped have a single probability of being scrapped. Generally, the customer accepts the pegging fork clause by default. If you do not buy it, you need to contact the PCB. The manufacturer communicates, usually, the PCB manufacturer will charge a certain fee, and you need to choose whether to accept the flat cross according to your situation.


E: Pay attention to whether the PCB manufacturer's quality assurance products. Regarding quality assurance, when choosing the best china pcb manufacturer, you must first judge the quality of the PCB manufacturer, such as whether the PCB has tested the PCB product before shipment to avoid the impact of quality problems. The later use of PCB prevents subsequent safety issues.

The main factors to calculate a pcb prototype price:


1.  Board size: the larger dimension, the much expensive.

2. Materials: Some substrate and laminate PCB materials cost more than others. If high performance is essential, then your materials may be more expensive.

3. Complexity: Having a large number of components, complex wiring, or a very dense board can increase the overall cost.

3. Copper thickness: the heavier copper thickness, the much expensive price

4. Surface finished: usually HASL and OSP is the cheapeat, then silver, Tin, ENIG, ENEPIG is expensive


What is the Difference between Standard PCB and PCB Prototype?

Why suggest the PCB before choosing design Prototype PCB?

And what circumstances is PCB prototyping suggestion?

What are the advantages of PCB prototyping? You will find the answer below.

1. Quantity

The number of Prototypes PCB designs is far less than standard design products. Basically less than 10 or between 100 and 500.

2. Production Lead Time

Unless the delivery time of a single component is longer, the production lead time of the PCB prototype design will within 10 days.

3. Unit Cost and Total Cost

The total cost is much lower. PCB prototype design has many advantages beyond standard design.


Hitech Circuits is China PCB manufacturer. If you need PCB manufacturer with low price, please get in touch with us.

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