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With 15 years of experience and high efficiency in PCB assembly and manufacturing, HITECH CIRCUITS is the perfect source for Big Batch PCB assembly on a limited budget. If you are looking for a large PCBA assembly within your budget, we will be your ideal choice. HITECH CIRCUITS has more than 15 years of experience in the OEM/PCBA manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards, advanced production technology and equipment, professional engineers and purchasing team to provide our partners with personalized and complete process solutions. HITECH CIRCUITS’s supply chain services deliver supply chain innovation on demand. We offer a bold, yet proven service solution designed to grow market share and profit. Our innovative approach to managing the supply chain offers a complete business model that delivers the talent and transformative tools necessary to create predictability, reliability, and responsiveness across your entire supply chain. Our practitioners are passionate about supply chains. We have spent a generation understanding, refining and building the best in intelligent supply chains. We provide talent on-demand with expertise in data analytics and strategic technologies that can help you predict, plan and respond more effectively.


Some designs require assemblies in small volume, maybe just prototypes, while others require them in high volume. At SMT house, High Volume, Large Volume, or Big Batch PCB Assembly always refers to printed board assembly projects with quantities more than 5K pieces. HitechPCB has the capability to offer high volume PCB assembly services to meet your requirements of high-quality, competitive price, on-time delivery and smooth communication in any manner of full turnkey, consigned and partial turnkey.

Also, if your business is involved in applications that require high-volume PCB assembly, the company to contact is HitechPCB, because we’re a complete turnkey solution for printed circuit boards assembly, we are ideally suited for bulk PCB assembly orders. Our state-of-the-art equipments, large facility and wide range of highly-qualified experts give us the capability of high-volume PCB assembly of up to 9,000,000.

We are also the perfect source if you’re looking for large-order PCB assembly on a budget. Because of our high level of efficiency and more than 10 years of experience with printed circuit board manufacturing and electronics assembly, we offer large printed circuit board orders at surprisingly competitive prices compared to other PCB manufacturers or PCB assembly companies.

Our large order PCB assembly process starts with a tested and practiced set of workflow guidelines for every phase of the process, from pre-order PCB design consultation with professional veteran engineers to PCB fabrication, components sourcing, PCB assembly, PCBA testing, PCBA inspection, PCBA packing and shipping all under the auspices of a highly-skilled production staff. You can be confident that no matter how many circuit boards you order, you will enjoy fast service, low prices and extremely high quality.

With our excellent after-sales service, 24 sales and technical support team, quick response service, we will be your best Big Batch PCB assembly manufacturer inChina. A wide variety of highly qualified experts


High Volume PCB Assembly China

Why choose Hitechpcba Big Batch PCB Assembly

Compared to our competitors, Hitechpcba offers large printed circuit board orders at very competitive prices. The risky big batch PCB assembly process begins with a set of tried and tested workflow guidelines. From ordering PCB design to component procurement, manufacturing, testing, assembly, inspection, shipping and packaging. This is all under the guidance of our highly skilled production staff.

No matter how many boards you order, you'll love the fast response service, low cost, and surprisingly high quality.


Whether you are seeking for product designer, electrical engineer, system integrator, manufacturer, or big batch PCB manufacturing and assembly, low cost big batch PCB housing, electronic assembly services, Hitech Circuits PCB Assembly team will be your perfect choice for big batch PCB assembly plant inChina.


Finding Reliable High Volume PCB Assembly Supplier?

When your design passed the prototyping verification after optimization, DFM and DFT check, it’s time to find a manufacturer or a supplier who has ability to perform high volume PCB manufacturing and assembly for you. HITECH CIRCUITS is a one-stop PCB solution provider, no matter which your design stage is located, we always can help in PCB manufacturing, assembly and design. With both design and manufacturing knowledge, we can feedback some suggestions to modify or change your design on the basis of cost-down without sacrificing the quality and performance. What’s more, if choosing our full turnkey PCB assembly service, we will be responsible of BOM sourcing to reduce your workload. Our approach to conducting high volume printed circuit board assembly is founded on a commitment to the highest possible quality, based on IPC standards and our inner quality control processes. In spirit of those high assembly standards, HITECH CIRCUITS developed excellent high-volume assembly capabilities and manufacturing processes relied on our advanced assembly lines in dust-free workshop. 


Big Batch PCB Assembly: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


This guide covers all the important aspects of big batch PCB assembly.

Therefore, read this guide before starting your next PCB assembly project.


What is big batch PCB assembly?

Do you have lead-free mass PCB assembly?

What is the testing protocol for mass PCB assembly?

Do you have a custom mass PCB assembly?

How does small batch PCB assembly compare to large batch PCB assembly?

What are the main capabilities of mass PCB assembly?

What are the applications of mass PCB assembly?

What is the cost of mass PCB assembly?

How safe is the mass PCB assembly process?

Do you provide both THT and SMT in big batch PCB assembly?

What is the turnaround time for mass PCB assembly?

What are the quality certifications for mass PCB assembly?

What to consider when choosing big batch PCB assembly services?

Why is it difficult to scale up from prototype to high-volume assembly?

How do you simplify the transition from prototype to mass PCB assembly?



What is big batch PCB assembly?

Big batch PCB assembly is an assembly process where you will assemble 10,000 or more PCBs in a specific period of time. The main processes you will use to assemble PCBs in large quantities are design for manufacturing and design for testing.

What are the advantages of using big batch PCB assembly?  PCB assembly process

With applications in mind, big batch PCB assembly will provide you with numerous industrial and personal benefits. This is why electronic OEM prefer to use it in most of their applications.

Large batch PCB Assembly


The following are the main advantages of using mass printed circuit components:

Rapid design and prototyping process

Since you will be mass-producing or manufacturing printed circuit boards, you must assemble them uniformly. By simply creating a design and a prototype that works for each PCB, you can save a lot of time.


Short production cycle

Since the production process is fully automatic, you will also save time in the production of numerous PCBS. It all starts with the design and prototyping phase, which you'll do with the help of software and machines.


Production consistency

You will also have a very uniform production process because most of the details are predetermined before implementation. Once production begins, all manufacturing specifications will follow uniform specifications for all printed circuit boards.


Quality consistency

Since you will be producing all PCBs to similar specifications, you will automatically get consistent quality throughout the production process. In other words, you should rest easy knowing that you will have consistency across all printed boards.


First-class cost performance

This is the most convenient model for the cost of producing printed circuit boards because you can do everything very consistently. Here, you will buy all the materials in bulk and produce them in a short time using similar machines.


Improve the market's ability to time

You will be able to produce large number of printed circuit boards in a very short time, thus giving you the advantage in the market. In other words, you will have a steady supply of on-demand printed circuit boards, giving you the advantage in the market.



Do you have lead-free mass PCB assembly?

Yes, we care about the health of our users and the health of the environment. We are aware of the harmful or negative effects that lead emissions can have on users and the environment.That's why we eliminate lead from production materials. It is of great benefit to protect people's health and eliminate environmental pollution.


What is the testing protocol for mass PCB assembly?

As long as you have completed the process of producing printed circuit boards, you must ensure that they run well.

Existing testing protocols will help ensure that large volumes of PCBs are in perfect working condition.

Here are the main test protocols you can perform on a high volume printed circuit board:


Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

You will use Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) tools to accurately and efficiently detect production errors in big batch PCB assembly. It has cameras and image-processing software that can identify assembly errors and relay information for further action. It is the best tool you will use for better error detection than visual inspection.

AOI for PCB Assembly


Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

After you have finished printing with the paste printer, you must pass it through the paste inspector. The SPI machine has a camera and communication system equipment that can examine every detail of the solder paste.It compares these details to the Gerber file and reports any kind of inconsistency.


In-Circuit Test (ICT)

In-Circuit Test, you can use the most detailed test methods to check the quality and integrity of the PCB.Here, you will have to take personal initiative and use online testing software to check the quality of your PCB.You will use the machine to detect errors in the PCB for correction.


Functional Circuit Test

Here, you will use a computer with test pins or test probes to test the functional integrity of the PCB. You can tell if the board passes the test simply by comparing the results to the design specifications.


X-ray Examination

You will use X-ray inspection to detect welding problems on the PCB that are not visible to the human eye. Here, you do not have to cut through the circuit board to see the welding quality on the printed circuit board. You'll use X-ray inspection protocols to detect errors in components and soldering on circuit boards.



X-RAY PCB Assembly China

Do you have a custom mass PCB assembly?

Yes, we do customize mass printed circuit boards.

You can order the most unique types of printed circuit boards and we will produce them according to your needs.

We'll review your design, create a prototype, and then test how it works.

Once we confirm that it is working well according to the design details, we will proceed with the production process.


How does small batch PCB assembly compare to large batch PCB assembly?


On the production scale, you can choose between large batch PCB assembly or small batch PCB assembly.

Mass PCB assembly is the process by which you assemble 10,000 or more printed circuit boards.

It is a mass production or assembly system that can mass produce PCBs in a short period of time.

On the other hand, you can choose to assemble PCBs in small batches for small scale production or assembly of PCBs.

In other words, you will produce a very small number of printed circuit boards of 250 or less.

In large and small batch PCB assembly, the assembly process will remain the same.

In addition, you will use similar detection techniques for high - and small-lot PCB assemblies.


What are the main capabilities of mass PCB assembly?

Well, when you're looking for a good large volume PCB assembler, there are some special features.

This means that they must have the specific resources that you will use in the PCB assembly process.

The following are the main functions that must be available for mass PCB assembly.


Manufacturing capacity

It is important to have a manufacturer that can use both surface mount technology and through-hole technology.

You must find a manufacturer with sufficient knowledge and experience in surface mount technology and through-hole technology.

Fast turnaround time

You should also have a manufacturer that can produce large number of PCBs in a very short time.

In other words, you don't have to wait longer to get the printed circuit board you ordered.

Welding capacity

In this case, the key point you must pay close attention to is the ability to weld manually and by machine.Your manufacturer should be able to perform both hand and machine welds.


Quality compliance

You should also know that the quality of the printed circuit board is a top priority when it comes to durability and safety.

Here, your manufacturer must have the knowledge to read the list of materials and identify the right quality products.


Test method

You must also choose a manufacturer that has knowledge of all test machines and printed circuit boards.

In other words, after production, your supplier must test all printed boards accordingly before providing PCBs.


High Volume PCB Assembly -1

What are the applications of mass PCB assembly?

You will be mass-producing large volume PCB assemblies of different equipment at high rates.

If you want to enter the PCB production market, you must have knowledge of mass PCB assembly.

Here are some industries that require big batch PCB assembly.


  • The communications industry mass-produces communications equipment

  • Military or defense industry

  • Automobile industry

  • Aviation industry

You will be using big batch PCB assembly in an industry where big batch production, consistency, and consistency are important.


What is the cost of mass PCB assembly?

Well, the cost of mass-producing printed circuit boards is fairly affordable.

Here, you will apply economies of scale in the production process, thereby reducing the cost of producing PCBs.

In addition, other factors that affect cost such as quality and size will also play an important role.

You will spend more on high quality and larger PCB materials, increasing production costs.

Typically, the amount you will spend usually depends on the design specifications of your PCB.


How safe is the mass PCB assembly process?

Well, most of the manufacturing process for big batch PCBs is highly automated.

In other words, there was little human involvement other than the design and programming of the machine.

In addition, we eliminate any material that would suspend harm to the environment and users.

This makes mass PCB assembly one of the safest modes for producing printed circuit boards.


Do you provide both THT and SMT in big batch PCB assembly?

Yes, we have both through-hole technology and surface mount technology for PCB assembly.

These are the main manufacturing methods we use to produce high quality printed circuit boards.

You will choose among these manufacturing modes based on the design and application specifications.


Is there turnkey assembly for large volume PCB assembly?

Of course, our production system is capable of handling very large volumes of turnkey PCBs.

You'll find products that you can buy in bulk to meet your production needs.

Here, we will be responsible for every step of production from design, inspection, prototyping and assembly.


What is the turnaround time for mass PCB assembly?

You should rest easy knowing that your production specifications will be met as planned.

This includes time for all production specifications and you will accordingly meet all your market needs.


What are the quality certifications for mass PCB assembly?

As we mass-produce printed circuit boards, we also ensure consistent quality.

This means that you will get the highest quality printed circuit boards in large quantities at an affordable price.

Our quality meets and exceeds international quality standards, namely:


  •  Comply with IPC quality standards such as IPC-WHMA-A-610 and IPC-CC-830B

  • ANSI/AHRI quality standards, such as ANSI/J-STD-001 -- Class II and III only

  • RoHS quality certification

  • UL quality standard

  • CE quality standard



High Volume PCB Assembly -2

What to consider when choosing big batch PCB assembly services?

You'll see the manufacturing capabilities of high-volume PCB assemblers.

Here are the main factors that you must pay close attention to:

  • Manufacturing and service capabilities

  • QC

  • Years of manufacturer experience

  • Customization capability

  • Turnaround time

  • Responsiveness and flexibility

  • Delivery service


Why is it difficult to scale up from prototype to high-volume assembly?

Scaling up from low-volume to high-volume PCB assembly can prove to be a difficult and painful process.

Here are the main reasons why this can pose a difficult challenge.

  • You must change design files and formats to meet new design requirements

  • You may also lack the correct type of machine for the new specification

  • You may also have to change components that will be tied to the PCB

  • You may also have to change the entire design to accommodate the new specifications


How do you simplify the transition from prototyping to high-volume PCB assembly?

Despite the difficulties, you should rest easy knowing that you can easily complete the process.

The best way is to choose the best prototype CM that can collaborate all the details accordingly.

It will help remove obstacles that can cause confusion and make the process difficult.

At Hitech Circuits, we will help you with the PCB fabrication and PCB assembly process.

Contact us today for all of your big batch PCB assembly needs.


ICT Testing

Parts Quality Guarantee and Reliable Testing Methods

For verifying your turnkey orders, HITECH CIRCUITS would like to provide Prior PCB assembly service, which we will assemble 3-5pcs of your PCBs ahead of the main assembly production run, and ship these prior PCBAs to you for testing. This service is totally free of charge and only available for full turnkey PCB assembly orders in high volumes, which means HITECH CIRCUITS handling PCB fabrication, Components sourcing, and final assembly for your project. In this way, you can work with our assembly team to ensure that the finished product exactly meets your specifications every time. No one knows your design as well as you do, and so we offer prior Electronics Manufacturing assembly service as a guarantee that each and every board leaving our PCB and SMT facilities will meet your own personal standards in quality and performance. Of course, this is flexible threshold; we also would like to provide prior PCB assembly service for some smaller orders if they incorporate a high degree of complexity. Prior PCB assembly is especially popular among our customers who require IC programming services, since it allows for them to ensure that their source code will function as expected on the finished assembled boards, before their full order is assembled.


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