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Since the establishment of our company, the primary goal has been to maintain the superior quality, excellent durability and high cost performance of PCB Assembly. We are an enterprise specialized in manufacturing Industrial Control PCB Assembly integrating development, scientific research, manufacturing, technical services and marketing. Network interaction can enhance the value of our product brand, increase market share, and spread our brand image more effectively. Enterprises spare no effort to meet the needs of customers and serve customers unconditionally is the basic principle to achieve the first-class service level. With the in-depth understanding of product manufacturing process and market, our company collects high-quality brands and technical services targeted to meet the needs of customers with rapid response and high-quality service.


Because of robots and comparable technologies, many different remote control devices are being employed in numerous sectors. Assemblies of printed circuit boards are critical to the smooth movement and robust electrical connections between controllers and industrial machinery.


Rapid Assemblies was well aware of the potential influence remote-controlled machines would have on several sectors as soon as they entered the market. We’ve taken significant initiatives to ensure that our circuit board assemblies fulfill this industry’s rigorous criteria.


Electronics must be rock-solid, long-lasting, and capable of withstanding the most punishing environments for industrial usage. Additionally, industrial control PCB must adhere to tight industrial SIL and IEC requirements and offer unique design features and form factors for any industrial environment.


Industrial PCB Assembly

Advanced Electronic Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing

• PCB Assembly

• Integrated Manufacturing

• Cable Wire Harness Assembly

• Electromechanical Assembly


Application of PCBs for Industrial Use

Here are few examples of our industrial application:


Units that provide power


Electronically controlled gearboxes

Drives and inverters for industrial applications

Instrumentation for electronic testing and measurements

Systems for regulating energy consumption

The use of smart meters in industrial settings

Smart labels for computers and other electronic devices

Lighting Systems


How to make industrial PCB?

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are constructed from insulating panels onto which copper layers and signal lines are etched or printed. As the intricacy of the circuit increases, the number of layers on an industrial PCB may range from a single to eight or more. PCB Manufacturing Process includes the following steps:


PCB Layout

Design and layout come first when thinking about the industrial control PCB manufacturing process.


You need to know what you want and select a designer that will bring your vision to life (virtually) (virtually). Understand that PCB design and layout is the most critical step of producing an industrial circuit board.


PCB Design

The design will determine how the product will look and operate. A successful PCB design supports the operation of the device within which it is housed. Not all gadgets have the exact pricing, and hence the PCB design might differ on numerous parameters. The kind of users and their access to resources also determine the style of PCB.


Designing nowadays is done with specialized tools that may be used online and offline; they can be free or expensive.


PCB Prototyping

Once the design and layout have been authorized for production, you may prototype and test the product to confirm its functions and features as intended. It’s possible that prototyping will take longer than usual if the industrial PCB is very complicated. 

Once a PCB prototype is complete, third parties often put through further testing before being released into production. So, the final product’s function and other features rely entirely on this one component.


Industrial Control PCB Assembly Characteristics:

According to the characteristics and technical particularities of industrial control products, it is not difficult to find that it has a high dependence on PCBA. The demand for information and intelligence is higher than that of general computers in some places. Industrial computers are computers, but they are different from personal computers.


Industrial computer configuration is not very high, as long as it meets the needs of the project. However, the motherboard has relatively rich slots, which can be used for various expansion functions. So it is not difficult to see that in practical work, the demand for PCBA is more diverse and the quality requirement is higher.


The application of industrial control board in industrial control board can adapt to the harsh industrial application environment and has good stability and reliability. Customers can also customize motherboards, core boards, module boards, and support specific specifications such as TG180, hot-roll boards, etc.


In order to meet the production demand of high-layer and high-precision industrial control products, Hitech Circuits has mature circuit board manufacturing technology and advanced imported production equipment, such as Korea OPE punch, Germany Burkle press, Japan Mitsubishi laser drill, Germany Schmoll drill, and vacuum resin plug machine; meanwhile, it has mastered the advanced production of the industry.




Industrial automation control is mainly used in industrial control units, high-power transformers for advanced integration and testing electric vehicle charging stations, smart metering and other fields. Printed circuit board assemblies are important for smooth movement and robust electrical connections between controllers and industrial machinery. Crucially, in the field of industrial control, PCBA can help companies save costs and reduce human errors, while PCB assembly for industrial control needs to involve large-scale component procurement and PCB production.

Industrial electronics assemblies are an integral part of modern industrial automation, playing an important role in improving the productivity, precision, and safety of industrial operations. Since industrial electronic equipment needs to run for a long time and the operating environment is complex, their quality must be strictly guaranteed. Hitechpcba is an expert in electronics assembly manufacturing, we provide a full range of industrial electronics manufacturing services from design to production and testing. With professional equipment, skilled technicians, and a strong quality management system, we are capable of consistently producing reliable and high-quality electronic equipment for industrial applications.

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