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Electronic Components Sourcing Service

Electronic Components Sourcing Service

We Hitechpcba provide reliable Electronic Components Sourcing Service.

Request PCB component purchase quotation immediately.

We provide reliable Electronic Components Sourcing Service

Hitechpcba is not just a leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards. In addition to PCB manufacturing and assembly services, we also specialize in electronic components sourcing. While most PCB service providers have an external procurement department to handle component procurement for their customers, we have set up an internal purchasing department to streamline the component procurement process.

After sending your BOM to us, we will be responsible for the entire PCB electronic component procurement process. So you don't have to worry about analyzing and comparing other sources to explore fair prices and quality products. We have established good cooperative relationships with well-known and reputable distributors such as Digikey, Avnest, Mouser Electronics, Farnell Element14, Arrow Electronics, local distributors in China, etc. To provide reliable and traceable component procurement services.

Avoid the hassle of PCB component procurement and focus on your design by sending your PCB component procurement requirements to us. We are experts in selecting, sourcing, testing, validating components, maintaining approved components, and building replacements for defective parts.


Electronic Components Sourcing Service

How does Hitechpcba meet your component procurement needs

After sending your BOM to us, our purchasing department will carefully review it to confirm that it contains the necessary information, such as manufacturer name, part number, description, pricing, and historical annual output. This will save you the time and effort required to create an error-free BOM.

Hitech offers a comprehensive electronic component procurement service to enrich our PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and manufacturing capabilities. We have four electronic component procurement options to choose from:

• First, we can source all of your components from our authorized and reliable partners.

• Second, we can source your components from the supplier you trust most.

• Third, we provide matching or commissioning service, you can provide all the parts to us for assembly.

• Finally, we support composite services, where you provide some components and we purchase the rest for you.

We thrive by creating value for our customers and business partners. In addition, with the help of our innovative staff, we are investing heavily in R&D initiatives and leveraging modern technology to streamline our supply chain processes. We are always exploring new business growth opportunities through strategic partnerships in the electronics industry.

If you have an urgent project and want a lower price than we quoted, we can still purchase your components from your prior supplier. We do this to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with our service.


Hitechpcba's competitive advantage

Excellent customer service

We provide free component purchase quotes. We also support one-to-one customer service to further streamline the ordering process. We assign a project manager to each client to simplify communication and ensure customer satisfaction.

Authorized component supplier

We have long established good relationships with reliable suppliers, such as Digikey, Avnest, Mouser Electronics, Farnell Element14, Arrow Electronics, local distributors in China, etc. We still strive to build good relationships with more electronic suppliers to meet the diverse needs of our customers. In addition, we have an authorized supply chain channel that guarantees high quality PCB materials.

Low-cost component procurement services

We have over a decade of experience in PCB manufacturing, manufacturing and assembly services. During our experience, we have also established good relationships with reliable PCB components suppliers. Our suppliers often offer discounts on parts purchases to our customers. The discount minimizes production costs.

Quickly turn electronic components procurement services

If you send detailed BOM and PCB Gerber files, Hitech can provide you with a component purchase quotation within 24 hours. If your parts are available in stock in Chinese market, our purchasing department will ensure that your parts are delivered within 3~5 days. Usually, high volume orders take 7-14 days to complete. However, delivery times may vary depending on various factors such as supplier location.

Complete traceability and quality testing service

We have a strict quality inspection process, including first-article inspection (FAI), automated optical inspection (AOI), X-ray inspection, Final Quality Assurance (FQA) and functional testing, to ensure that all PCB parts meet our quality standards prior to use. We also apply transparent procurement guidelines to ensure easy component traceability.

Diversified and customized component procurement services

Hitech provides a wide range of component procurement services to meet the high requirements of PCB customers.

Seconds. If you need customized component procurement services, we have the flexibility to meet all your needs. We are committed to doing our best to provide maximum convenience to all our customers.


Components sourcing parts

We provide customer-oriented PCB component procurement services


Do you want to purchase your components directly from the supplier of your choice?

We hear you! That's fine with us. Our process is flexible enough to meet your requirements and needs. We can make blank PCBs for you, receive parts from suppliers of your choice (e.g. Digikey, AVNet, Mouser, Farnell, RS, Arrow, etc.) and then assemble them onto your PCB boards. In the final analysis, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our service.


Can I arrange components or assemblies for each PCB set?

Of course, yes. Although this requires some manual work, we are happy to accommodate you. This will ensure you have a peaceful mind and can focus on what you do best while we handle the heavy lifting for you.

We believe that every PCBA, whether it's a batch of millions or dozens, is a product and must have the same level of quality and functionality as other products. Therefore, our quality control process is strict; We develop standard operating procedure(SOPs) at the beginning of the project and follow them strictly until the product is shipped. This means that even though you will be doing your own quality control after obtaining a PCBA from us, rest assured that you can focus on integrating your idea or device into your product and marketing and sales, while we will work with our minds to make sure you get the high quality and right PCBA to meet your needs.


When choosing an electronic components sourcing network, you must consider these 5 key factors

China is the world's largest market for electronic components to be used, and there are more and more domestic spot electronic component sourcing networks, which inevitably makes people suffer from difficulty in choosing.

However, in view of the mixed electronic components industry, there are real ones, refurbished ones, and even fake ones on the spot market. All kinds of second-hand and fake components are pervasive, and you may be deceived if you are not careful.


Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional and reliable electronic components sourcing network. Below, we have sorted out some key factors that must be considered in the process of choosing an electronic component sourcing network. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

1. Product quality

When choosing an electronic components sourcing network, you first need to consider the product quality, find out whether the other party only sells original products, and whether they can provide relevant commitment letters, agency authorization letters, quality inspection certificates, etc., so as to trace the source.


2. Sales price

The price of electronic components is one of the factors most buyers care about. If you want to know whether the price of the target electronic components is reasonable, it is recommended to compare the prices of different platforms, and then choose the most cost-effective platform. However, you get what you pay for, so you can’t just look at the price in the process of price comparison, and don’t take chances, so as not to pick up sesame seeds and lose watermelon.


3. Customer service

The customer service level of the electronic components sourcing network is also one of the key factors that need to be paid attention to. A reliable electronic components sourcing network will provide good pre-sales and after-sales services, so that customers can get quick and effective solutions when they need help.


4. Delivery time

An efficient and reliable electronic components sourcing network should be able to deliver the required electronic components on time to ensure customers to ensure the smooth progress of the project.


5. Product category

A professional sourcing network for electronic components will provide a variety of different types of electronic components, so that customers can easily obtain the electronic components they need according to their needs.


Finally, I would like to recommend myself. Hitech Circuits is committed to providing one-stop electronic components sourcing services. The product inventory exceeds 10 million. It has established good cooperative relations with many manufacturers and agents, and can deploy global spot goods to quickly respond to customers. Demand makes component procurement easier!

All components of Hitech Circuits are purchased from the original manufacturer and authorized channels, and the source of each material can be traced back. It is absolutely original and authentic, and the quality is guaranteed!


How to get a Quote

Send us a BOM containing details about the manufacturer name, part number, description, price, and historical annual output.

Hitechpcb has an experienced purchasing department with established relationships with reliable and trusted suppliers. It is well known that component counterfeiting is a major problem in PCB manufacturing and production. In this regard, we have established a strict quality testing process to ensure that we provide customers with quality products.

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